exocentrist2 Exocentrist2 This 2016 resurrection of my earlier blog, features a greater number of original essays and opinion pieces, rather than links to other web pages and works of interest: topics still tend towards philosophy, politics, art, sailing, etc.
exocentrist exocentrist.com A daily blog that I maintained during February and March, 2012, devoted to politics, photography, art theory, philosophy, religious madness, movies, and many other topics.
Marseillan Port France,
Summer, 2011
A somewhat lazy report on our stay (again, in Marseillan) in June/July, 2011: A slideshow of 150 pictures, an email report to friends, and a few video clips of dubious value. See the Spring, 2009 report below for a much more ambitious tour of the Marseillan area and attractions.

Spring, 2009

Over 500 photographs arranged in sixteen slideshows, documenting our 5-week visit to places in and around Marseillan in the Languedoc region of southwestern France. Plus Barcelona.
Summer, 2007
a daily record in photographs and narrative of two weeks travel by car in interior France--Dordogne, Lot, Loire Valley, etc.

Big Pictures

links to a few very, very large photocollages that I have been making for several years. These pictures are explorable by zooming technology that allows web-viewing at full resolution of pictures many thousands of pixels in width

France, July, 2004

two weeks in Brittany, the Dordogne, and Normandy. First week in a rental gite in Brittany, then some repeat visits to favorite places in the Dordogne and on the Normandy coast east of Le Havre.

Manhattan and
Lindenhurst, NY, February, 2004

two days in the City, shooting in the streets, while zipping around town to art shows, restaurants, bars, and walking our old neighborhoods. Then a couple days in Lindenhurst, Long Island.

Christmas, New Year, 2003-2004

ten days in Chez Flottes--a charming 300-year-old rented house in a vineyard in the hills above Cahors in the Lot region of southwest France. A photo slide show.
France, Spring, 2003 a month of travel in France (mostly Paris and the Dordogne). Use the linked map to access slide shows of pictures for each locale visited.
California, Fall, 2002 a 5-week car tour of the western U.S., in the form of a mapped slide show and narrative.
light & variable a "blog" (politics, philosophy, movies, sailing, photography), published by "Zeph" from Dec., 2002, to Feb., 2003 (now discontinued) A small sample of posts.

Hallberg-Rassy Rasmus 35


sadly, after only a few months of ownership, sailing, and upgrades, changed plans made it necessary to sell the boat. Here's the listing with photos. Sold in 2007.


C&C Landfall 35


"Dalliance" was sold in 2003.
1982 C&C cruising sailboat listed for sale: all boat features, equipment, and specifications, plus a photo gallery.
Eyemagic Web Developers our web development company, founded in January, 1995. Having designed and developed more than eighty web sites since opening, we closed the business after almost ten years, and no longer solicit projects.

lightandvariable (formerly Eyemagic Web Developers) offered web design and development services to institutions and enterprises devoted to the arts, photography, graphics, design, and education. No longer soliciting projects.

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